When we decided to set up our company 25 years ago, we had a list of principles that we all stood by in our work ethics…

They did not change a bit. It was and still is a distinct desire to deliver secure diligent financial help, that would ease paying  mortgages off , just as well as the regular loans.

With the help of our financial advisors, thousands of people were able to achieve results such as:

01. Securing a Lower Interest Rate for an overall Mortgage payment plan

02. Shortening the Loan’s Term

03. Converting Between Adjustable-Rate and Fixed-Rate Mortgages

With that in mind, we continue to implement our expertise to help hundreds of companies!

Core values



We are always flexible enough to cover all of your financial needs, whichever those might be. Regardless of whether you’re about to make a first-time home purchase or are trying to refinance your current loan, we’re here to help you!



We understand that financial situations, credit scores, and other financially-related things can vary… That is why we employ a flexible, person-centric approach to each individual client who comes for our fiscal help…



With so many mortgages and loans featuring interest rates that are just outright bad, we’re here to level the field. Thanks to our refinancing and home equity loan programs you’ll be able to take back the control of your finances!

Total Pricepeople Believe Other People

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Meet the Team

Arnold Wallace

Arnold is one of the co-founders. He manages all the processes at our firm.

Derek Zoolander

Derek, just as Arnold, is a Wall Street operative, with incredibly insightful skills…

Tom Marvolo

Tom is also one of our 3 co-founders. He manages our equity loans…

Winthorp Hallelujah

James works the oldest of all non-founding managers. He leads our mortgages dept

Lily Granger

Before assuming this role in June 2015, she served as CEO of our Latin America’s…

Timothy Dumbledore

His global responsibilities include all Consumer and Commercial businesses…

Lionel Hollande

Lionel has an extensive track record of transforming organizations through technology…

Craig Ferguson

After Craig became our Senior Loan Officer, the number of our clients doubled!

Diane Mist

With a top degree and practical business experience of 29 years, Diane is our senior HEL manager

Andrew Cuomo

Andrew is one of our best experts in the mortgage managing…

Ben Edwards

While Ben is our youngest employee, he already manages one department…

Chris Cripsie

Mr. Cripsie earned his degree in accounting at the University of Notre Dame…

Are you a senior at a law school or a post-graduate with at least a Master’s degree in Law? If either of the answers is yes, then we’ve got a job opening waiting for you to apply!


Q: What's a mortgage and why should I get it here?

A: A mortgage is basically a simple loan that allows you to buy a home or other property by securing the loan against the property you buy. You can read more about our taking a mortgage with us works by visiting our services page.

You can apply for a mortgage from a bank or other financial institution, such as a credit union, building society or specialist mortgage Borrower. We’re a credit union and a special financial institution. Although you can apply directly, using  the advice of our independent mortgage specialists might help you find the deal that will be most beneficial for your money interests!

Q: What types of mortgages are there?
Q: How much can I borrow for a mortgage?
Q: How much of a deposit do I need for a mortgage?

We review and accept business requests on a 24/7 basis.

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Tips for Home Buyers

We understand all the ups and downs of the home buying process. That means that we will supply you with as many tips on mortgages as possible!

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